Surviving Bill
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Mike Reynolds confronts his brother's suicide and Death by learning to surf on Bill's board and, finding a metaphor for the flip side of sorrow, he literally takes the plunge. The little lessons in this book grow by increments to a wealth of understanding. Especially helpful in his reentry to the world of the living is the emotional catharsis and heightened awareness spawned by books, paintings and music. It's as if Reynolds' awakening senses produce cosmic antennae that tune in the blazing stars of Van Gogh and bask in Monet's lily pond. "Surviving Bill" is an honest source book of inspiration without platitudes, a page-turner for those familiar with loss and bereavement — a gift of light.
JD Older
When I first picked up this book I was not sure what to expect because of the very sensitive nature of the subject matter — suicide. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was actually a story of hope and strength. "Surviving Bill" was a very honest look into the life-altering impact suicide has on the love ones left behind and their struggle to continue on. For the author, no topic was off limits - family, relationships and friendships. It was amazing to see the author's transformation from a frightened ten-year old to a very self-aware and compassionate adult. It's a journey that everyone can learn from and I highly recommend you pick it up.
Surviving Bill is an informative and surprisingly up-lifting autobiography of Reynolds' life-struggle as a survivor of a devastating suicide.

As someone involved in bereavement ministry, what I absolutely found compelling about Reynolds' book was his practical insights and writing style. It made it so easy for me to climb inside his head and get a feel for the emotional struggles, guilt, and mental contortions a survivor of suicide goes through. I'm sure other survivors go through different mental gymnastics than Reynolds describes, but Surviving Bill gave me an exemplary, eye-opening look and feel for the struggle of the survivor left behind.

Surviving Bill is a quick and easy read. For a bereavement facilitator, it's informative, it stays with you, and you'll thank yourself for taking the time to read it.
Bereavement Facilitator K. Byrne
"Surviving Bill's straightforward approach made it a quick read that got my wheels spinning. It made me think about all the years that had passed since I lost my mom and the things that helped me out along the way. I'd never considered my life like the author had described and it opened a new perspective to me."
"This book showed that there isn't one pre-destined path you're on through grief. It's an evolving process, shaped by each person's own experiences. Read on to find your own."